We would like to dedicate this page to our helpful sponsors and the wonderful donors that have committed their support to our journey

Fort Collins Bike Co-op

Most of the crew learned how to wrench on bikes at the Co-op. The Co-Op is community supported, non-profit bike shop that works to teach volunteers how to work on bikes, fix donated bikes to sell at a very affordable price, donate bikes to people in Ghana, and to keep people out of cars and on bikes! Tommy, Ike, Henry, and Brad learned a tremendous amount about bike wrenching at the Co-op, giving us the confidence we need to maintain/repair our bikes while en route!

Check them out at http://www.fcbikecoop.org

Rockwork Unlimited

Rockwork Unlimited

Rockwork Unlimited designs, creates, and constructs custom artificial rock and water features all around the world. These projects include, but certainly are not limited to: customs spas with waterfalls, pool grottos, theme park rock sculptures, animal habitat for zoos, and much much more. Rockwork Unlimited supported us by providing us with the means of (vehicular) transportation to San Diego from Colorado. Thanks a bunch Rockwork Unlimited!

Check out what Rockwork Unlimited can do at http://www.rockworkunlimited.net

ENO Hammocks

Eagles Nest Outfitters provides the outdoor community with top of the line hammocks and accessories. These hammocks are ultra-lightweight, small, and easily packable for any sort of outdoor adventure. The hammocks will be serving us much use along the way, from daytime rests on the beach to a good night sleep in the jungle! Thanks ENO for the killer deal on the hammocks!

Check out their awesome gear at http://www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com


Bridget and Jay Wilson

Linda and Andrew Cador

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