Mission and Goals

Mission Statement:
To take our passions for environmental stewardship, cycling, and world travel and combine them into a journey to South America that will enable us to share the feasibility of biking as an alternative means of transportation, on both local and global scales


  • Make it to Ecuador by the end of March and see the southern stars!!! (the other half of our group are continuing on to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil)
  • Volunteer on farms, at local bike shops, promote Eco-tourism, and submerge ourselves into sustainable communities throughout Central and South America in order to gain a sense of community and not just be another tourist
  • Blog once a week on our trip to keep our friends, family, and followers updated on our progress, as well as, to provide useful information for other bike tourists planning trips similar to ours
  • Pedal an average 1000 miles/month (1600 km/month) and stick to a budget of $400/month
  • Make a full length documentary that details the benefits and challenges of global bike touring and to highlight the experience and know gained through this trip
  • Have the experience of a lifetime that will forever be imprinted in how we live our lives in the future!!!

One comment on “Mission and Goals

  1. Casey says:

    We Love you guys! Keep the wheels turning and the spirit burning! Stop at Finca Mystica on Ometempe island in Nica, Go see ryan and angela and tell them we sent you! Keep it between the lines boys..trip of a lifetime!
    Casey & Ali G

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