The Trip

This is about to be the adventure of a lifetime!

The two Rangers are two parts of a larger group called Sustainably South. We are riding our bicycles from San Diego to South America. On October 29th, 2013, we will begin to pedal down Highway 1 in Baja de California. From La Paz we will take a ferry across the Sea of Cortez over to Mexico proper, landing in Mazatlan. From Mazatlan, we will head south on Highway 200 through Mexico, before meeting up with the Pan American Highway. The Pan American will take us through Central America, allowing us to cycle in: Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Upon reaching Panama, we will have to take another ferry into Columbia. The Darien Gap is a small strip of jungle connecting Panama and Columbia that is thick, road less, and home to many guerrilla militants and cartels; all reasons why we must take a ferry to Columbia. We will cycle through Columbia, meeting up with the Pan American again, which will take us to our final country of Ecuador. Our goal destination is to visit and spend time on the farm that is run by a Shaman that one of our cycling companions stayed with for two months and perhaps go to the Galapagos before it is environmentally degraded.

We will primarily be camping over the next six months and booking the occasional hostel. We will also be utilizing the social networks and , which are online communities set up to host travelers in your home and hopefully introduce the travelers to their cultures. We will be visiting farms, sustainable communities, and meeting with bike clubs along the way to share our stories and share the passion of cycling, traveling, and living with low impact.

Tommy and Bradie have the goal of making it across the equator in Ecuador before returning back to The States to pursue their career goals in the spring of 2014. Bradie plans to guide glacial expeditions in Alaska and Tommy wants to get on a crew fighting wildland fires. The other half of the group, Heinrich, Ike, and Brad will continue riding to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The five of us are friends that all share the passion to travel, cycle, recreate outdoors, and live a low impact lifestyle. It is through the potentials of bike touring that allows these four passions to combine into one amazing adventure!!!

One comment on “The Trip

  1. Hey Tommy. I have a spot you guys MUST see. You will be in Costa Rica in what late December early January? If memory serves, that is the end of the wet season. Hwy 1 heading south in Costa Rica passes thru the northwest province of Guanacaste. The “main city” in the region is Liberia. I spent a week there in 1996. The Guanacaste is a “tropical dry forest”. It is seasonally wet as a rainforest and seasonally dry as the sonoran desert, each for approximately six months. In Guanacaste is Costa Rica’s Santa Rosa National Park. Santa Rosa NP has a centuries old fort. You gotta go! This fort still has cannons and giant stone block barricades. Plus brazillians of leaf cutter ants! The wildlife is off the hook and you foresters need to see this unique type of forest. Depending upon time of year it looks like Tucson Arizona or Quito Peru.

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