How You Can Help

As you can imagine, countless hours are consumed planning for a trip of this magnitude. The way we see it, we can plan all we want, but all those plans can change as soon as our feet start pushin’ the pedals. Things change from day to day and the unexpected may happen when we least expect it. It is impossible to plan every place we would like to go, every route we would like to take, and every site we would like to see. The world is vast and we would like to experience as much of it as possible, especially those hidden gems out there that you don’t read about in National Geographic.

This being said, we would like to extend an invitation for our family, friends, and followers to contribute to the success of our expedition! How can you help, you ask?

Please comment and post on this page any of the following contributions:

  • Any towns, cities, national parks, etc. that we should try to visit while en route
  • We will be updating where we will be going about a week in advance, so if we go to any place you have been, please give us input on must do’s and sees, including (parks, bars, hostels, cultural attractions, etc). Especially the local happenings!
  • You, your friends or family could house us and/or show us your local culture in any of the places along the way
  • Any knowledge on routes through Mexico, Central America, Columbia or Ecuador that may benefit us
  • Places to avoid due to dangers of cartels or guerrillas

You also have the opportunity to sponsor us as well! We would be very grateful for any monetary contributions that will support this adventure. To show our gratitude, every person that donates to us will have their names listed in the credits of our documentary that we will make after the trip.

To donate you can click on the Paypal link located below
Donate Button

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