We’re Gettin’ Mulegèd!

The kindness and hospitality we have seen so far is parallel to nothing else! We had the original intentions of leaving Guerrero Negro on Monday, we were introduced to a friend of a friend named Roberto, a G. Neg local! Roberto happened to work at the salt mine that we had been hoping to take the tour of but it was not in the Budget so we opted out on it. But thanks Roberto, we got a private tour of the worlds largest salt mine! It was so rad to see where the salt that we consume comes from. After the salt mine tour, Roberto took us back to his parents house where we would camp in the backyard for the night and leave G. Neg in the morning. His families hospitality was fantastic! We were treated with delicious coffee and pan for dessert, and Roberto gave us each a bottle of a porter that he brewed himself. It was so tasty and felt great to have some microbeer, kinda brings us back home alittle bit.


~Ike and Hen hangin’with our new friends Luis and Roberto~

In the morning, we took off early pushin the pedals south, toward San Ignacio (the next town in site). But before we left, our host family set us on our way with some machaca taquitos. They were so delicious, lovin the home cooked meal! The riding was great gettin out town. We had a long, flat straight away all day with a slight tail wind! The perfect conditions for smashing an easy 105 km that we ended up doing. The team rode so well together, keeping the paceline dialed all day, maximizing the amount of energy conserved! The highlight of the day was in the late afternoon as we stopped to get supplies in Viacanzo, a man in a car pulled over to give us some energy bars and cold wáter! We were so grateful for the kind jesture, but it is after this that the hilariouty ensues! He was a computer salesman driving to La Paz to make some sales and Tommy mentioned that he was in the market for a small travel computer. Well, this led to that, Edgar the salesman gave him the spiel of the computer, and next thing you know Tommy is in his car heading to the ATM to pull out $250 (American) for a laptop. It was so wild, buying a computer on the side of the road in Mexico, who woulda thought! After the big purchase, we pedaled on another 20 km to finish the day in the desert, 40 km away from San Ignacio. Our campsite was a beautiful desert location, with cactus fruit for the picking, and great views of both horizons, enabling us to stare in awe at both sunset and sunrise!


~Tommy buying his new laptop on the side of the road…Stoked!~

The morning of our 3rd day we took off, keepin’casual as we only had 40 km to do before getting into San Ignacio to watch Mexico play New Zealand for a seat in the World Cup! We made it to the desert Oasis that is San Ignacio about an hour before the game. It was perfect, we found the Rice and Bean hotel with had nice tv’s for the game, wifi, and a pool. For the purchase of a beer a piece, we got wifi, unlimited chips and salsa, Access to the match, and a cold pool! The pool was crucial, definately needed a cold swim! We watched the match, it was epic! Mexico won 5-1, pretty much sealin’the deal they are goin’to the Cup. Mexico is home for the next couple months so definately was rootin’for them! We spent the rest of the day and the morning in San Ignacio. It is a beautiful oasis full of date palms, fruit trees, and a cold river to swim in! The foraging we did in Sag Ignacio was awesome! Climbing trees to gather pounds of dates, oranges, grape fruit, limón, and who knows what else! Loving the foraging lifestyle, we’re gettin’so good at eat, essentially gathering all of our produce. We spent the night in the date palm forest in the middle of town, bandit camping if you will. But our motto is “Out of site…Out of Mind”, and that is the key to camping for free where ever we want!


Before leaving San Ignacio, to bike to Santa Rosalía, we stopped in the river for a quick naked swim! This is a pretty common trend on tour so far. We have come to the point where we change our clothes where ever we need to and swim naked whenever we can! Lifes great! After leaving the river, we met a guy named Big Tuna who further intrigued our interest in the town called Mulege. Everyone has been talking about it and we knew that we needed to go! But first it was onto Santa Rosalía for the day, check out the Eiffel Church, and feel out the Sea of Cortez! It was a desert 75 km ride to Santa Rosalía, completed with a gradual uphill day with slight headwind and lots of heat! But still a good ride. The day was completed with the gnarliest downhill section we have ever ridden! I’m talking 6 kms of 45 degree turns going 80 km/hr+, no brakes, gettin’sideways on the bike…So Rad!!! We were all so torqued after the ride, our hearts pumping with adrenaline! We finished the last 10 km into town after that, with dusk coming close we were in search of the free place to stay. After first asking the church, we were pointed towards the cop shop. They turned us down but no worries because the bomberos were right next door, more than willing to let us crash in the station! It was awesome, watching the firefighters train the junior firefighters, and seeing the town in action! Not to mention we are camped at the safest place in town! After eating dinner, we bought some tall beers, walked around the square, and enjoyed the downtown vibe of Santa Rosalía! Dug the scene and ended the night by gettin some late night Street meat. It was a carne hot dog wrap thing, fully loaded! So tasty!


~Who woulda thought? An oasis in the middle of the desert! San Ignacio Rocks!~


~Makin’camp at the Bombero Station 174~

Well we got out of town headin for Mulege, where we plan on chillin for a few long rest days! We got the confirmation from our great friends Wes and Michelle they are driving down to visit us in Mazatlán on December 1, so we can casually cruise from here on out! It was a short mostly flat 60 km ride to Mulege, so we took it easy riding in, and then gettting to drop a pretty good sized hill before town. As we got into Mulege, we got a good meal at a local restaurant, and then searched for a campsite as dusk was nearing. Already lovin the scene in Mulege, we cruised out to the beach, and camped right next to the ocean, staring at the full moon!


~Just rolled into Mulege…Bradie lounging out after a days ride!~

The hospitality we have seen so far is ridiculous. It is easy to see why people get Muleged, as it is called here! The rest day started off pretty crazy, as Tommy saw an ederly man take a bad fall in the gravel right next to their tent. As he rushed to assist him, he realized the man was pretty banged up. We assisted him with first aid, Ike taking the lead as the first responder, it was obvious he needed stitches. So we flagged down a car, got him a ride to the farmacia for stitches and see that he is safely returned to his hotel. As we chilled on the beach, another couple locals ,Sonya and Pete, gave us some fish they caught, and offered to let us cook on their kitchen at their RV camp. This is where we have decided to call home for the next few days! It is cheap and the locals are awesome!! We went out to the local party last night, where there live music and dancing! It was a great party, full of all the old hippies that go to Baja for the Winter instead of Florida! The music was great, the people were soo stoked on our story, and so generous to us! We even met some locals from Glenwood, who used to own the 19th St. Diner. It was was Suawannee and his wife, if any of you Glenwood locals are Reading and know them!

Anyways we’ve got a couple super chill days in Mulege lined up, getting to fish, snorkel, sea kayak, and swim! Like we said the hospitality is awesome, getting hooked up on all these activities we want to do! Gotta take a vacation from the vacation!. After chillin in Mulege, on Monday we are getting sailed from here to El Coyote, which is 20 km down Bahía Concepción! Gonna be so wild, 5 guys, 4 bikes, and one 26 foot sailboat! Gonna be wicked, were loving everything about the trip. Each day is another adventure!


~Our new buddy Pete and his buggy on the beach~

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who has helped out along the way. You know who you are! Your awesome, thanks for helping and believing in us!

-Ranger Bee-Koz and Ranger Tom

8 comments on “We’re Gettin’ Mulegèd!

  1. Aunt Shannon says:

    I look daily to see if you guys have blogged! I am really getting jealous! You have truly made some lifetime memories! WOW!

  2. D bone says:

    Yes! I am luvin’ this here odyssey .

  3. Diana T. says:

    I’m living vicariously thru you guys… Absolutely love the blog! Can’t wait to get traveling again and I can’t wait to see y’all!! Much love!!

  4. kathy kozera says:

    Your energy and enthusiasm is quite commendable. So proud of each and every one of you.
    Thank you for the colorful updates, it puts a mama’s heart at ease.

  5. Sounds like you are on a dream trip. I am so proud of all of you. Sounds like you are being cautious which b my heart at ease Keep on riding and keep us posted. I really enjoy your blogs.

  6. Wait ’til ya get to La Paz. That is where the party begins!! Giant Boulders covered in big blue lizards.

    Great job boys. Livin’ the dream! Keep at it.

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