Fish tacos, desert hill climbs, and a rest day on the beach!

Needless to say the first 5 days have been nuts! Our first real day of riding was good. We cruised the coast out of rosarito toward Ensenada. About 10 miles out of town heinrich got his first flat tire. Many more to come. We took a lunch right before a big hill climb, getting the necessary energy for climb to safety. After a mostly uphill day in the desert, we rolled into Ensenada just before 5. We found an immigration office where we got our passports stamped since we took the fast track through Tijuana. After that we got some much needed tacos pescados. The taqueria man told us we could camp at playa hermosa for the night. That was awesome, camping under a palapa. The only downside was in the morning we realized Hens bike shoes were stolen. So shitty, so many things stolen already.


In the morning Hen got some new shoes, we copped some groceries, and went on our way. Heading down highway 1 we expected to get somewhere past Santo Tomas. The days ride was good, but Ike had mechanical issues. His rear rack busted but he was lucky enough to find a bike tube on the ground to jimmy rig it. So we kept on riding, went to santo Tomas and had a big hill climb to end the day. Tommy and Hen were in the lead and tommy stole the summit from him right at the end. At the top of the summit there was a small ranch called rancho principe Paz. The owners name was pancho And he let us stay for the night. Apparantly he gets frequent bike travelers. He lives there by himself because his family doesn’t like the mountains and he doesn’t like the city life. Had a nice dinner of rice and beans, a little nip of tequila and it is off to bed.


The next day started with a 15 km downhill ride into San Vicente. We got there about lunch time and had a lunch of rice and beans and then took a siesta. This is where tommy started havin flat tires. His first was right at lunch and the other was at the end of the day. The ride for the day was awesome, the group cohesiveness is really coming along. We stayed in a tiny town outside of Colonet at a man named Antonio place. He has a swimming pool it just doesn’t have water for the “winter”.Another good 50 mile day.

The next day we had to ride to past San quintin to go for a rest day. We stopped in calamu where we saw the big dready chick from calamu And even wrote a dr suess style poem about her. We made a big push to a rv park outside San quintin and stayed for two nights. 

The rest day was awesome! It included reading on the beach, naked swimming in the ocean and some more rice and beans. And lots of chillin!


Were back on the road today, makin a 5 day push into the desert with no resupplying. It’s gonna be hard but it’s gonna be so sick. Sorry for lack of updates but the Internet is few and far between. Currently stealing wifi outside a closed webernet shop. And we’off for for the ride. Will post pics when we can but currently pretty tough.

Ranger Tom and Ranger Beekoz



6 comments on “Fish tacos, desert hill climbs, and a rest day on the beach!

  1. kathy kozera says:

    thanks for the adventure from us working stiffs… guys are awesome……

  2. Aunt Shannon says:

    Sorry about Hen’s shoes. Glad you got some rest. Had enough rice and beans yet?
    Love to you all, enjoy the ride!
    Aunt Shannon and Uncle Jim

  3. heidi says:

    Glad you are enjoying your trip…I hope you guys journal this trip as it is amazing. Sorry to hear that Hen’s shoes got stolen and hope that Ikes rear is fixed permanently….oops…meant to say “rear rack” (lol) a touch of humor there…sorry guys….. Anyway, keep posting your travels when you can as it seems like it’s a fun adventure you will remember always… Safe travels and continue to enjoy your ride……Hugs, Heidi from TX

  4. Danny says:

    You guys keep on riding!!! Post more and Post often. I’m looking forward to my sideline adventure with you guys. Stay safe!!!

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