Gettin’ Ready

Our leave date is fast approaching! Three of us, Bradie, Ike, and Tommy,  are leaving from Rifle, Colorado on the morning of October 24 and doing some family visiting while in SoCal. Heinrich and Brad are flying into San Diego from their home states, where we have to pick them up at the airport. Tommy and Bradie’s cousin lives in San Diego, right on the beach, so naturally we are making this our take off spot on the morning of October 29th!

This trip is been a long time coming and a lot of planning and preparing has taken place. The two Rangers were finally able to get together this past weekend, hang out, and ride. Bradie has been based out of California all summer guiding road trips and was finally able to get back to Colorful Colorado! He came down to South Fork, Colorado for the weekend where Tommy is living currently. We were able to do a day ride from South Fork to Creede, clocking in just about 45 miles for the day. It felt great to be riding through mountain valleys of the San Juans,  staring in awe at the fall colors. Needless to say, going on this ride boosted the stoke level of the Rangers ten fold. Before we know it, the pedals will be pushin’, heads held high, and the wind at our back! (Hopefully)

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3 comments on “Gettin’ Ready

  1. Aunt Shannon says:

    Really looking forward to seeing you on Oct. 28!

  2. NRG says:

    Hi Ranger Tom and Ranger BeeKoz;

    Your Chino adopted family wishes you guys well on your ride. Aunt Shelley invites you young blokes over for a nice warm, wholesome, home cooked meal on the way out of town. My email is in the comment and mom/dad know our cellies. Hit us up. Beers on me, food on Shelley.

    Hi Shannon!

    No matter what, best wishes and safe travels you bad@ss buttsore bikers!

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