Bike To Aspen

This is video captures one of the mini bike tour training weekends that Heinrich and Tommy did over the summer. Biking from Leadville, Colorado to Aspen, Colorado, we were able to conquer Independence pass, climbing over 3000 ft and loving every second of it. After this weekend, we were left with no doubt that the mountainous passes awaiting us were no match for our bikes!


2 comments on “Bike To Aspen

  1. Aunt Shannon says:

    That was amazing!! I am very excited for you all to do this trip, but still a little nervous.
    I will keep in touch!
    Aunt Shannon and Uncle Jim, too

  2. heidi says:

    what a cool video….you should post it on a Biking site…..have a fun trip ….I wish I was young again…this seems like a fun adventure of a lifetime….Please have safe travels and watch out for those bandidos. Hugs to ya’ll from Texas….Heidi

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